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Statement on Group Exercise

The Pilates Teacher Association supports the concerns of The Chartered Institute of Management in Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and The National Governing Body for Group Exercise (EMD UK) on the restrictions on Group Exercise.  We wish to add our voice to the drive for COVID Secure group exercise activities to continue in all nations.   While the main focus of Pilates Teacher Association is acting on behalf of the Comprehensive Pilates teaching community, who can operate similar to a gym where individuals carry out their own individual workout with the supervision of a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher,  we recognise that regulated group Pilates-based activities are major access points to the public for Pilates-based exercise.  Many Comprehensive Pilates studios also offer group class activities on Pilates apparatus.

Following research led by Pilates Teacher Association, the terms Comprehensive Pilates and Pilates-based exercise have been defined in a peer reviewed published paper.   We see consensus across the entire community which has invested significantly in an area that is of health benefit and we are representing that view.

Participants in Comprehensive and Pilates-based activities range from children to older year adults and small group activities make the activity more affordable. We request that COVID secure indoor group exercise on unique Pilates apparatus can continue as taking the apparatus outdoors is not appropriate.

Why should it continue?

Recognising that minimising social interaction is essential, the private independently owned, small studios have invested heavily in creating COVID Safe environments and operate under the full guidelines for close contact services and the fitness industry. The environment is strictly controlled to mitigate COVID risk of participants gathering.

The Pilates method of exercise and Pilates-based activities are a significant part of physical activity offerings and have been adopted by Allied Health professionals as part of their practice.

The public use the Pilates method of exercise to build and maintain strength and flexibility.

We also wish to acknowledge the financial implications of closure and restriction of group exercise activities on Pilates apparatus.   While many businesses may experience much larger losses, our sector comprises mostly self- employed micro companies which support individuals and families. The more recently established businesses have not been able to access support funds due to low profit following capital investment in Pilates apparatus or changing from employed status during the financial year 2018-2019. Many Professionals have taken business loans or used family savings to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. These small businesses support families and should be able to operate in a COVID safe way. We request that COVID secure indoor group exercise on unique Pilates apparatus can continue.  

The Pilates Teacher Association are available to answer enquiries from anyone regarding Pilates services and can be emailed at pilatesteacherassociation@gmail.com

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Welcome to the Pilates Teacher Association

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