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Protecting the Public – Protecting the Method

Since our launch on Monday 9th December 2013 The Pilates Teacher Association (PTA) have worked hard with our members from around the world to protect and educate the public on the Pilates method and differentiate the full Pilates method from fitness industry variations and other short trainings described as pilates.  Our new Pilates Teacher Association community have formed in the age of social media and our growing community from a wide variety of schools all have the common desire to professionalise Pilates and create a distinct occupation “Pilates Teacher”.  We have members from students just starting their careers to teachers with over 30 years of experience.

In the past two years we have: Read more about Protecting the Public – Protecting the Method

Our Founder Members – Join us and help shape the future of Pilates

The Pilates Teacher Association 'Founder Members' have all worked together over the past two years to raise awareness of our Association.

There are many teachers around the word working hard in studios at home and in the high streets who wish to have formal recognition as a distinct profession.  Here are some of their testimonies on why they have joined PTA. 

Join today to build our tomorrow;

Jon Hawkins: London United Kingdom: http://freerangepilates.com/ Read more about Our Founder Members – Join us and help shape the future of Pilates


The application to trademark contrology for education is continuing and is now at publication/objection stage. In accordance with procedures from the Office for Harmonisation of the Internal market we have written to the applicant and requested that the application be withdrawn. In addition key parties have been informed and they have also written to request withdrawal.  Should this request to withdraw be ignored the formal objection by PTA  will be lodged at OHIM.   The Turkish Trademark attempt is not yet at publication stage. Read more about CONTROLOGY TRADEMARK



The Pilates Teacher Association have been made aware by an applicant member that two applications have been lodged to attempt to trademark the name "Contrology". The Board agreed to formally object on behalf of the Pilates community and this has been done. PTA will object on behalf of the entire Pilates community for any attempts to trademark sole use of the word.

The first application is with ...the OAMI (European Union and UK) for sole use of the word in Class 41 which includes training and education. This application is still at examination stage and may be rejected at this stage and no further action will be required. Should it be published the PTA have a legal representative ready to complete the formal objection process and the PTA will fund the first stage of the process. Our legal team have the dates for examination. Read more about TRADEMARK APPLICATION ATTEMPTS ON "CONTROLOGY"

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