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Our Pilates specialist board members have joined the Pilates Teacher Association because of their dedication to protecting the Pilates method as a Profession.  Each are Teachers of Teachers, have unique and diverse Pilates skills from classical to contemporary, tact and diplomacy and a great sense of humour.

In establishing the constitution our board have agreed to adopt much of the criteria discussed  by a wide variety of International Pilates Education Providers over the years. Their combined depth of experience and variety of teaching styles has led to the establishment of the criteria for membership.


Lee Miller

Lee Miller

Lee holds a BSc First Class Hons in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention and first discovered Pilates whilst on work experience in Australia. In her journey in Pilates Lee has studied with many Pilates schools including Polestar and has recently completed The Pilates Master's programme at The Pilates Center in Boulder.

Lee has learned to draw on many different skills and techniques and to find different ways to treat the individual .  She is committed to bringing the best of Pilates to the public


Don McPherson

Don McPherson

Don's background in fitness and adult education is extensive. A full contact martial arts practitioner for over 20 years he credits the Pilates method for keeping arthritic hips mobile.  In his capacity as training programme manager for a multinational insurance company he wrote and delivered many training courses and workshops, managed and assessed training teams and delivered sales results. During his comprehensive education he worked with teachers educated by the late Romana Kryzanowska and also with Kelly McKinnon of Corpus studios in Brussels.

Don is now a Teacher Trainer for The Corpus Pilates comprehensive programme in the UK and Classical PIlates UK. He is committed to bringing men back into the work and feels that a professional body of teachers can help this develop.


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