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The Pilates Teacher Association have been made aware by an applicant member that two applications have been lodged to attempt to trademark the name "Contrology". The Board agreed to formally object on behalf of the Pilates community and this has been done. PTA will object on behalf of the entire Pilates community for any attempts to trademark sole use of the word.

The first application is with ...the OAMI (European Union and UK) for sole use of the word in Class 41 which includes training and education. This application is still at examination stage and may be rejected at this stage and no further action will be required. Should it be published the PTA have a legal representative ready to complete the formal objection process and the PTA will fund the first stage of the process. Our legal team have the dates for examination.

The second application is in Turkey but also links back to the EU. It is also at examination stage and PTA have again objected.

The word contrology was used throughout the court case in 2000 when the word Pilates was deemed generic. Contrology is synonymous with Pilates and many of our applicant members use the word contrology in their business names. Any trademark attempt would be detrimental to those businesses and the wider community.

There are individuals who have trademarked contrology in ,USA, Benelux and Australia. The PTA will also lodge formal objections upon renewal.

This is one of the main roles of a Professional body is to act when a risk is identified. The PTA are working for Pilates Teachers around the globe.  Join your professional body to protect the public and protect the method.


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