Our Founder Members – Join us and help shape the future of Pilates

Our Founder Members – Join us and help shape the future of Pilates

PTA Founder Members

The Pilates Teacher Association ‘Founder Members’ have all worked together over the past two years to raise awareness of our Association.

There are many teachers around the word working hard in studios at home and in the high streets who wish to have formal recognition as a distinct profession.  Here are some of their testimonies on why they have joined PTA. 

Join today to build our tomorrow;

Jon Hawkins: London United Kingdom: http://freerangepilates.com/

“I chose to join the PTA as there are now so many derivations of Pilates in the marketplace that bear little resemblance to Joseph Pilates’s system. I know this from first hand experience having worked in establishments that purport to improve on various aspects of the original system, including client safety and exercise intensity. My education further to my initial qualification is now directed at going back to the source. The PTA is inclusive of all the various lineages and recognises that there will be differences in the way they teach but respects that.  The work that the PTA has undertaken in order for “Pilates Teacher” to be recognised as a professional title has only confirmed that I have done the right thing in adding my support to the organisation”

Cara Hazelton Owner: Director of Education and Apprenticeship – Authentic Pilates Canada http://www.frederictonpilates.com/

“Joe Pilates method of exercise (Contrology) brilliantly bridges the gap between fitness and medical wellness. It is important for teachers of Pilates to be properly educated, working within their scope of practice, and yet recognized for their levels of training and education as standards vary widely around the world.  Standards protect our personal bodies and minds, as well as our financial and time investments for both practitioners of Pilates and aspiring teachers looking to pursue education.  The Pilates Teacher Association is the only organization looking to coordinate and improve the industry in ways that are both respectful and responsible for teachers and students alike.”

Jean Young Whatfield Suffolk:  www.jeanyoung1to1.co.uk

“ PTA – By Pilates Teachers , for Pilates Teachers and with The Method at its heart.  I had been a REPs member for many years but really felt that they were focussed on generic fitness – Pilates was a poor relation and the reason for the misunderstanding by the general public of what the method really is.”

Keren Patzia, Naousa Southern Agean Greece: https://www.facebook.com/StretchPilatesStudio/

“Being a Classical Pilates Teacher in Greece is one thing, but having back up as a professional Pilates teacher is another! The PTA have always known the answers or promptly replied to any questions I’ve had in the past, whether it’s about historical events, legislations, or any matter that might come up about my own Studio, teachers or license. This is the only membership I am committed to, as I can see that hopefully one day our certifications, money and work we all have put in as teachers will be recognized as its own”

Olga Tamara, Sydney Australia.  Director – Principal Teacher Trainer: http://www.authenticpilatesstudio.com

“In Australia we have government accredited diplomas to help regulate the level of training in Pilates. It doesn’t end there, there is still much work to be done to educate the public on what they need to look for in a Pilates teacher and choose those who have been comprehensively trained. I recognise the importance of the Pilates Teachers Association (PTA) and became a founding member in support of those working so hard on getting regulations through”


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