Our Founder Members – Join us and help shape the future of Pilates

PTA Founder Members

The Pilates Teacher Association ‘Founder Members’ have all worked together over the past two years to raise awareness of our Association. There are many teachers around the word working hard in studios at home and in the high streets who wish to have formal recognition as a distinct profession.  Here are some of their testimonies […]

Protecting the Public – Protecting the Method

Pilates Method

The PTA was set up with the support of Pilates Professionals, Medical Professionals and Pilates enthusiasts worldwide. Our goal is to create a distinct skilled occupation “Comprehensive Pilates Teacher” with exacting standards of education, assessment, conduct and continuing education. We aim to protect the public by providing a voluntary register of Individuals who offer Pilates […]

Pilates Teacher Association Survey

PTA Survey

The Pilates Teacher Association are a not for profit body based in the United Kingdom who are working towards recognition of the distinct profession “Pilates Teacher” with a new skilled occupation code. In creating an occupation that represents Comprehensive Teachers from many schools of Pilates education, it is important to understand how the sector works and where […]

Register of Comprehensive Pilates and Pilates Based Mat Schools

Pilates Schools

Following the Annual General Meeting of Pilates Teacher Association members the board are agreed that we should offer training providers the opportunity to list their schools on our webpage.  The PTA regularly receives enquiries on how to train as a Pilates Teacher and we will be releasing the criteria for school applications early in the […]

Pilates based Mat Level 3 Regulated standards Review


The Pilates Teacher Association and 3 members are part of The Chartered Institute of Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Professional development Committee for Pilates.  Part of the work includes review of the current Level 3 Pilates based Mat standards.   The Pilates community raised concerns earlier this year when short endorsed CPD courses appeared […]